Oct 102004

Apparently my body just enjoys being sick because while I’ve had the congestion I haven’t been running a fever as of this morning (well 11:00 is when I got up but I count the morning as when I get out of bed 😉 But I was feeling very hot for the house being pretty cool (nice fall weather – other than the rain) and my hands were pretty stiff suggesting this feeling wasn’t all in my head. Went and took my temp and I’m running an even 100.0. This will be the 3rd time in about a month that I’ve been sick. Ugh. On the other hand I would much rather be sick and in the pan than in an active exacerbation and in the fire. Speaking of which my feet have still been a little sensitive today and the legs continue to have that weird sensation but it is noticeably better today so I am pleased.

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