Oct 072004

I read this article  about a mother who helped her son, who was diagnosed with MS, commit suicide. Overall this really makes me wonder WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! I can understand people getting depressed with their diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis – it certainly is a lot to take in – but the mother assisting with the suicide is beyond abhorrent and not as she put it “pure love and respect for him.” Where is the voice of reason – I guess he was just as whacked out as his mother and this all ends in tragedy. I’m certainly glad Mom Death isn’t one of my nurses! On the other hand I find this somehow appropriate in a culture that is becoming increasing influenced by the philosophy of Peter Singer and the devaluation of life. By the philosophy of Peter he would have had much less (moral) value as a chronically sick human than my healthy dog. I’ve been meaning to write an article on Peter Singer but time has been short – I haven’t decided whether to post it to MUL or here – I guess I’ll decide that when I write it. 😉

  3 Responses to “Article: Mother Assists Recently Diagnosed with MS Son Commit Suicide”

  1. A strong reaction on my part to the “s” word. What a hell on earth one must live in to consider taking one’s own life. How very sad. That’s an individual’s choice, but – as for me – I do hope I share hope and happiness to encourage one in that mindframe that there really ARE very good reasons to stick around.

  2. Sick. You know, my mom, godmother, great aunt have MS and I would never consider them worth less than anyone let alone a dog. We are under the belief that my grandmother also died from complications due to MS and loved her to her last moment. More so now knowing what she went through to raise her children and watch over grandpa. I wonder what Peter would think of Stephen Hawkins or what of Thomas Edison’s deafness … or even Franklin D. Roosevelt and his polio fight.

  3. I think it’s very sad that he apparently had no support system aside from his mother. To me, it sounds like loneliness (and, ergo, depression) was as much a factor in his suicide as MS. Of course, there’ s a chicken-and-egg type situation there…what came first, the MS or the depression? Would he have one without the other? All in all, a very sad and misguided situation, it seems.

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