Sep 222004

I am certainly getting a lot of hands on attention after all of their screw ups with last months order. They called last week to schedule a delivery for Tuesday. On Monday they called the house and spoke to my wife to let her know that the order had been placed and was all on track for delivery on Tuesday. As expected it got delivered yesterday. I guess the question now is will they call today to make sure everything is OK. 😉 I certainly appreciate all of the additional attention I am getting – especially after their last screwup!

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  1. Sweetheart,

    I forgot to tell you that they did call and wanted to be sure it was delivered. I was nursing Isabella, and could not get up to look, and she told me it was left on my front porch. I guess you have become a priority. Overall I have been very happy with this pharmacy and we just had the one hiccup last month.


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