Sep 302004

Isn’t is always all about me. 😉 Who knew I could write this much about myself – 4 months 40,000 words later. Overall I have been doing very well. Of course I write this today and have had a really bad tremor day after them being few and far between. I’ve been in the den a lot and it is hot in here so maybe that is what was causing them. 🙁 My hands are also stiff which is a very good sign that my internal temp is a little too high – but the den is where the computer is so what can I do? I’ve also noticed that I can have a girdling sensation (or tightening) around my calfs when I get hot. It certainly isn’t unpleasant nor does it impact me in any way – just one more thing that occurs when I get hot. Better that than some other nasty symptom!

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  1. Yeah … the over-heating thing really blows. I am fortunate enough to have central air to keep the house at a sweet 70 all summer long. The basement is even cooler … my fortress of solitude.

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