Sep 132004

We were out at my mother-in-laws celebrating her birthday when my wife’s 11 year old cousin – for no apparent reason – started asking if anyone likes shots. Of course he had no idea I have MS and no idea that I take 3 injections per week. Everyone proceeded to tell him that they did not like getting shots and he proceeded to call them wimps because he liked them. OK the kid is obviously weird because at his age while I certainly didn’t freak out about shots I certainly didn’t like them – 17 years later and hundreds of shots later I feel the same way. (Probably was just trying to look tough – and probably because me and the Brother-in-Law mocked his sissy “you’re just out” Wall Ball rules 😉 Later he actually wanted to watch me get my injection – which is a no (as it is for everyone) because I’m not running a peep show here. 😉 Overall this is the first person I’ve met in a long time who didn’t whine about their shots (that they get every 10 years) and will probably be the only time I ever hear of someone liking them. I’m sure once he gets a Tetanus or Penicillin shot the aire of liking them will be all over. 😉

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