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I’ve wanted to scan in my MRI pictures both for retention and to provide as an example for the curious. Since I don’t really have good equipment I started looking online to see if there was someplace that could do it – but do to the size of the print 14″ by 17″ there aren’t many who could handle that. I finally found someplace that actually had a group specialized in scanning these types of films but they wanted $35.00 per sheet. With each MRI being 7+ sheets that is beyond cost prohibitive. We have a Konica copier at work that will do scanning too – I’m sure the resolution isn’t great but maybe I’ll give it a try and see how it does.

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  1. I counted and I have 28 sheets so I’m definitely not spending $1,000 to have those scanned. Maybe that was just their 1 sheet price so I sent CAD/CAM Services another note to see what the cost would be for 28 sheets at their ~600ppi resolution. I guess we’ll see tomorrow. I also dropped the CEO of MRI Central an e-mail to see if they will provide a CD/DVD of my images – that would be easier and the quality should be perfect. Hopefully all will be answered tomorrow.

  2. 17 min after I sent a note to MRI Central (at 10:00 at night no less) the CEO responded as follows:

    Mr. Smith…. thank you for your inquiry. I don’t anticipate any problems with meeting your request. I will pass along your request to our Sr. VP of Operations, Ms. Chan.

    Please expect to hear from her soon.

    Thank you for choosing MRI Central.

    Garth F. James President & CEO
    MRI Management, Inc. 6688 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1190, Dallas, Texas
    75206 (214)-368-9966

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