Sep 092004

I got a brochure today for some conferences coming up over the next two months. If any look interesting to you than you can register by calling 800-350-5416 or by going to I registered for 1 (I thought it might be funny), 3, and 4.

  1. “Close Encounters of the MS Kind” with Teri Garr. (9/28/2004 8:00 ET) Sounds like she will be telling us about living with MS. Certainly not something I need any insight into I just thought it would be funny.

  2. Confidence in your Therapy. (10/5/2004 8:00 ET) Tips on how to get the most from your therapy, manage side effects, etc.

  3. MS News Alert: Latest Research from Major Medical Conferences in 2004. (10/19/2004 8:00 ET) A “meeting of the minds” kinda sounds interesting..

  4. Meet the Top Doctors. (10/26/2004 8:00 ET) Info on recent research, therapies, etc.

  5. What’s new at MS Lifelines. (11/16/2004 8:00 ET) New services and product information.
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  1. I changed my mind and registered for all of them. I figure I can always change my mind later.

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