Sep 092004

Ugh – trying to get all caught up after I took too long of a break from this. Let’s hope I remember everything I need to blog about.

My wife called the Neuro’s office on Tuesday to see about picking up a copy of the medical records to take to the medical school since this had given them over a week to make the copy. After getting the run around on the phone and being told the the person who does this isn’t in today the receptionist said she would call back. Translation – I just want to get you off of the phone. My wife called back later and she said that she would just have to wait until the next day when that person is in the office. So she called back the next day and the medical records person said that she sent them to the medical school on the 1st so we shouldn’t need a copy. First this was an admission that they didn’t do it in July like they were supposed to as well as not following the doctors orders on us picking up a copy. My wife told her that she would be picking up a copy anyway and would be there later in the day to which the girl was fine with. At lunch I made a copy of the records (just in case the medical school lost them) and my wife hand delivered them since I didn’t trust anyone else at this point and wanted confirmation that they definitely had everything. The lady she delivered them to said it would take 6-8 weeks for the doctor(s) to assess if they would accept me as a patient and if they did then it would take 6-8 months after that to get an appointment. With only 2 MS doctors and only one of them accepting new patients there is a good chance I won’t be getting in – time will tell.

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