Sep 302004

On Tuesday I finally went to get my blood work done from my last doctor’s visit and it hurt. Not that it hurt real bad but normally I can just barely feel it since I have such large veins and they are so close to the surface. Nothing to whine or write about except that I thought if the blood draw was painful was that a sign that I was extra sensitive (not in a sissy way – I’m certainly not it a “get in touch with my feminine side” kinda mood anyways. Besides doesn’t my wife cover the feminine half of the relationship 😉 [make I should have said my skin was extra sensitive ;-0] and the evening’s Rebif injection was really going to be painful. So much for optimism. (Or as my sister might say “a pessimist is just an optimist with experience” 😉 I guess this pessimism was exacerbated by the injections being less than pleasant as of late. All that pessimism didn’t pay of (does it ever) and the injection went unusually well so we may never know why the blood draw was painful. The tech. even used a small butterfly needle – maybe I should tell them I’m no sissy give me the big needle. 😉

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