Sep 132004

I got my MS Linelines newsletter and apparently the root of all of my problems is that I have not Feng Shui’d my house. In fact, based on their recommendations, my house is just about perfectly aligned with Hell. Back facing to the door check. Leaky toilet/sink check. Squeaky door check. House clutter – you must be kidding with a 2 yr old – check. (One more thing to blame him for later) Bad electrical system – check and check (in fact there is some weird effect going on that I suspect the wiring of acting like a giant Faraday Cage which makes the portable phones a challenge). Dark area – triple check here! Plants and flowers – keep a plant alive you must be kidding (on a side note I do pretty well with the cats since they are pretty low maintenance – too bad they aren’t good for Feng Shui – on the other hand based on everything else I’m doing they’re certainly evil too – or at least their litter box is). Overall house maintenance – “we should maintain them as well as our bodies” – I certainly enjoyed the Pepperoni Pizza I had for dinner but probably only because I have a little leak in the roof – check. So I failed 100% so I guess it should come as no surprise that I am having recurring Multiple Sclerosis exacerbations – and now have indigestion/stomach ache after the pizza. Ugh. I guess the real question is what came first and thus is causing the problem – the damned house or the damned owner? 😉 No if someone wants to Feng Shui my sewer line out of the goodness of the heart (or for some good Karma so you don’t get reincarnated as a dung beetle living in my sewer line) feel free to come on over because I’m tired of paying Roto Rooter to clean it out a couple times a year. 😉

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  1. I guess the real question is what will kill me first – Aspartame or the evil house.

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