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Unlike my satire posts on Mosquito Venom Therapy and Fire Ant Therapy I have been taking Fish Oil pills for the Omega-3 fatty acids. I have been mulling over the Evening Primrose Oil for a while since it came recommended but wanted to wait until I had completed my research and had time to get used to the Fish Oil – not that it took getting used to I just don’t like changing too many things at once. On Monday I had made up my mind to take the Evening Primrose Oil and we went and picked some up so we’ll see how it works. My body will probably be overjoyed at having some healthy Omega-6 fats in the system. As I recall it is also quite high in linolenic acid (LA) which is an antioxidant but I was most interested in it for the GLA. What really caught my eye on Evening Primrose Oil was its supposed anti-inflammation effects which I figured would be really good for the MS. Of course that is probably the effect that helps with the menstrual cycle – great another girl thing – with this and estrogen I should be all set. 😉 Per others and per a site I went to suggest that it is good for MS by contributing to healthy nerve development – in this case Myelin repair. A big one was the NMMS site suggesting its positive impact and the Consumer Labs provides a pretty good description of the fats.

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  1. I’ve been taking EPO for almost 10 years. Can’t say I can tell what, if anything, it does for me.

  2. I’ve been taking Flaxseed Oil capsules for the Omega 3s. I couldn’t tolerate the fish oil capsules because of the “fishy burps.” ick.

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