Sep 022004

My poor memory – I meant to post this on Monday but never remembered to do it so now 4 days later here it is. The injections did arrive taking me down to only 1 month of spare injections (I have 2 months on stock now) but I’ll fix that soon enough! 😉

The late post:

Not trusting them at all at this point I called them this morning to make sure the order got placed and was going to be delivered tomorrow. The rep. I talked to said he would have to drop them an email and ask but he would call me back and let me know. True to his word he called back 30 min later to let me know that it was all ready and would be at the house on Tuesday. Then later the rep. who my wife ended up talking to on Friday called to let her know that it would definitely be there. Hopefully with two independant reps. saying it will be there it will actually arrive.

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