Aug 232004

I suddenly got quite dizzy yesterday and it reminded me of when I stopped taking the Zoloft. I then realized I missed the previous night’s dose. Then I realized I couldn’t remember the last dose that I took. My guess – based on my previous experience – was that it was about a week that I hadn’t been taking the Zoloft and hence the dizziness. The problem was that I had put those pills in a different location so it didn’t even cross my mind that I wasn’t taking them – they are back in a very obvious place now. I took a 50mg pill last night to help get the body back where it belongs and will resume with the 25mg tonight. Since I realized my error in the early evening I took the 50mg in the early evening which had about the same effect at 10mg of Ambien in that it became very difficult to stay awake – a fresh reminder of why I take this before bed. It also explains my bad attitude of late which I had been thinking a lot about because I really didn’t want to increase my Zoloft to 50mg again. I had been writing it off as just needing some sleep and to take it easy for a while – not to discount that I needed the former but I also needed my 25mg of Zoloft too. 😉 I a way I am glad that it was the forgetting the Zoloft that was causing the problem and not a need for something else. 😉

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