Aug 172004

Called the neuro’s office today to request that they send me a copy of the radiology report. With any luck it will arrive before the end of the week. They won’t fax it because of HIPPA privacy issues. While I am pretty picky about the confidentiality of most of my medical records that is going to be a pretty public item as soon as I get it scanned in and OCR’d. I went ahead and requested it be faxed in my message but I don’t see that happening. I’m sure they have no idea that it is going to be posted publicly. I’m very eager to see it and see what the results are – of course I will have to wait until next Thursday to see the MRI films which I am also very interested in seeing.

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  1. Things suck these days. I remember 7 years ago when I got my doses of radiation and my MRI immobilization routine, I got to walk away with the prints AND the originals. Go figure.

  2. I agree – it’s like pulling teeth to get what is my property. 🙁

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