Aug 282004

This is exactly the reason I have stockpiled the Rebif – in this case it is repeated human error that is causing the problem. On Thursday the 19th of August I ordered my next refill of Rebif to be delivered on Wednesday the 25th. This is a normal way of ordering through Walgreens and gave them plenty of time. So Wednesday the 25th rolls around and no Rebif had arrived by 5:00 which is extremely unusual so I gave them a call to see what the problem was. Apparently for whatever reason an order did not get placed on the system – the apologized profusely and said it would be here Friday. On Friday 5:00 rolls around an there is no Rebif so I give them a call and the guy answering the phone says that he will have to investigate the matter and will call back – yeah right I think he just didn’t want to deal with it. A little while later another rep called and spoke to my wife – since I was outside – and said that it didn’t get ordered again and she had called every pharmacy (I’m sure only Walgreens pharmacy) in our area to see if they had it in stock so we could pick it up but no go. She said it will be here now on Tuesday of next week (September 1st). I would be livid if I didn’t have my stockpile and ran out – they’re probably suspiciously curious why I’m not livid. I’ll definitely be following up on Monday to make sure it is getting shipped. Ugh.

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