Aug 032004

As I mentioned in the followup I have really been craving protein – not that I ever crave sugar or candy – but I really wanted some protein. I guess Atkins diet here we come! 😉 Very disappointing is that almost everything that I normally like tastes bad and is not a candidate for a meal. Plus as much as burger sounds good ground beef (and especially ketchup that I would put on it) hasn’t tasted good – the cruelty of the drug! 😉 This could be a plus if I would enjoy the white meats more but it seems that I have a heightened displeasure for those – in fact the craving/desire seems to be for meals very high in saturated fat. In fact today I was really wanting some Whataburger Onion Rings but as good as they sounded is about as bad as they would have tasted when I dipped them in ketchup. I guess the three good meals that I enjoy with the ‘roids are Mexican Food, Pizza, and Chinese – now I’m hungry so I’d better go polish off that leftover pizza that I had leftover from 1st dinner now for 2nd dinner 😉

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