Aug 122004

As much as I joke around about MS evoking pity, etc. I really am not at all interested in being pitied. There are too people that whenever they come up to me it’s like “Oh how are you doing?” It’s like it must be a struggle to get out of bed, blah, blah, blah, how do I possibly manage. Plus it is all they every want to talk about with me – which always results in an OK. Good grief the MS isn’t that bad and any problems I have getting out of bed are because I stayed up too late (my night person hates me morning person 😉 and/or I’m just not a morning person. I certainly don’t get up in the morning going “I’m so glad I have MS” but on the other hand I also don’t get up being sorry or begrudging my situation – neither should anyone else. I do appreciate support and encouragement but the pity really only serves to tear someone down.

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