Aug 262004

The much anticipated results (other than the MRI results which are already up) here is the assessment from today:

  • Lesion load is much better which is the first for me. In fact it is downright good. I needed some good MS news since it is always few and far between.

  • Recommends I stay on Rebif for now since lesion load is way down. Surprisingly I agree. 😉 Let’s hope it just stays this way.

  • He is still recommending a trip to the MS Clinic. We told him that they said that they are still waiting on medical records – he frowned realizing that it was probably his incompetent staff that didn’t get them out. My wife offered to pick them up once they are copied and arrange getting them to the MS Clinic – he agreed that was a very good idea. She will probably pick them up next week and we can begin waiting again. 😉

  • I asked if he had the results on Antegren – figured it was worth a shot – and he said no. I guess I am stuck waiting. 🙁

  • I asked again if my MS is more aggressive than most and he said there is no way that he can answer that at this point. He said some people have a really bad year and then go on to have a really mild form of MS. He said it can be better analyzed after 5 years.

  • I asked about using statins with MS and he said that there isn’t enough data at this point but if I have high cholesterol and/or a family history of heart disease it might not be a bad idea. He offered to prescribe it if I wanted but I said no for now.

  • I asked about a neutralizing antibodies test and he said not now. We need to wait and see how things go and if they don’t go well then take the test then

  • Next appointment scheduled for 3 months.

Overall a very good visit with very good results. On the other hand it is hard because my brain is doing so well but I don’t feel better. I have MS pain in two locations and a tremor. It’s hard to get excited about those results when you don’t feel better. On the other hand it is much better to be doing better than to feel better – I just wish it was both.

He kinda ran on time today but it was because he “got called to the hospital” and so the other appointments got cancelled. They tried to cancel my appointment but only called the house and I was almost there at that point. My next appointment is right after lunch (unlike this one) so he should be on time.

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  1. Great news about the lesion load!!

  2. I agree. For everyone else here is the reason for the 3 posts that are almost identical courtest of -S via e-mail ;-):
    “I tried to post on your blog, but it was so sloooooooooow that I never could get it to post.”

  3. Thanks for the announcement. 🙂

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