Aug 032004

I was hoping that my attitude was going to be better near the end of this treatment. Not to say it hadn’t deteriorated but as always it suddenly got much worse the day after the last gram – I guess a little unrealistic optimism. A very ugly streak in my personality has become evident in this last treatment that I’ll use the bad attitude to “get away” with more (especially with my wife) because my bad attitude is expected and can be easily written off by everyone as something that needs to be accommodated. This is truly a high compliment to my wife that she bears with me so well that I can actually push for more but bad for me that I would milk a bad situation for more personal gain. I very special thank you again to my wife who accommodates me and tends to me so much more so than I need out of her abundant love. May the Lord be merciful on me!

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  1. Watch out for that Karma-backlash.

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