Aug 302004

At my wife’s suggestion (and prodding 😉 we went out on Saturday to celebrate my MRI results coming back so much better. This would be only the second time since I got diagnosed that we’ve celebrated anything related to the MS. The first time was getting over that first exacerbation of which I was concerned would never happen. For that one we got a trip to Austin which was a really nice and needed break – and then our wonderful daughter 9 months later. 😉 This time it was a trip out for some good steak (Yum – I’m not sure I’ll ever give up red meat but maybe I can do it in moderation) and a movie (Shrek 2 since we had the kids with us – and we both wanted to see it anyway. Very disappointed that they charged for my 2 year old – good thing it was the dollar theater!) no word yet on whether there will be a third child in 9 months.

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