Aug 042004

Since I started the Rebif I wanted more than a one week buffer when they refilled my prescription in case of something like 9/11 or the power outage that could impact delivery. I went back and forth with the prescription program with them saying I can only get a 1 month supply and then I could reorder only when I had a week supply left. At the time I was going through an external pharmacy but they decided they weren’t OK and I needed to use their mail order pharmacy. They still do a great job and have pretty good customer service but they won’t let me have a 3 month supply reiterating it is an expensive drug. Fortunately they have a hard time keeping up with how many I have left so I keep ordering well in advance and have accumulated a 5 week buffer of Rebif – maybe they’ll start asking questions when my 1 year prescription is used up so quickly but I doubt it. I figure about the time that I get a good stockpile going is when I’ll be switched to a new medication and all of the Rebif will just sit in the fridge. Now all I have to worry about is a power outage at my house destroying a couple months worth of Rebif!

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