Aug 232004

I have really almost had enough with the injections. Especially after Saturday’s injection being the most painful to date (or at least in the top 5 worst!) I guess the worst part in not the pain, expense, and hassle but is that the medication isn’t doing enough – or anything based on my experience. It is really hard to get real enthusiastic about an injection when it seems to have the equivalent effect on my MS as injecting saline (except more painful). I am hopeful that the Antegren will be a big help but I don’t want to wait until it has FDA approval (what if it is delayed?) and I can analyze the results and I can convince my insurance company to cover it before making a change. Unless the neuro has some serious objections (like the Rebif is working) I am going to push to switch to Copaxone on Thursday. Hopefully it is less painful since it will be a daily injection and at least it should be an end to the chills.

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