Aug 302004

I actually took a break from my injections last week. On Monday when it came time to do it I told my wife that I was dreading this one because the last one was so painful. She suggested that I take a week off since I didn’t think they were doing any good anyways – so I took off the next two injections. I considered skipping the Friday injection too but since I am doing better (who really knows why – maybe the Rebif is helping) I decided to take it although it ended up being on Saturday. It wasn’t a pain free injection but so much better than the previous one that they are hardly worth of comparison. I guess it’s back to the straight and narrow with another injection tonight – at least I’m not dreading this one! 😉

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  1. For pain free injections I use a topical cream prescribed by a MD called EMLA. The generic name is Lidocaine & Prilocaine Cream. You apply a small amt to the injection site and cover with an occulsive dressing. I simply use Saran Wrap. The press and seal type which clings to the skin nicely and is easy to take off. You let the cream stay on for about 45mins and you will not feel the injection. I became non-compliant with my injection tx also because of painful injections. But now since using the EMLA Cream it’s
    not a big deal and I never miss a dose.

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