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In the sense that every MS therapy should be as painful (or at least unpleasant) as possible I inadvertently tried out Fire Ant Venom Therapy on Saturday. My results were less than impressive. With approximately 30 injections in my lower right leg (especially on my foot) I expected to see immediate lessening of symptoms throughout the weekend with this high of a dose. In reality I saw no improvement and on Sunday actually saw a reoccurrence of some MS pain. There was immediate pain during the injection process and then it left large red site reactions that itch quite badly. These are definitely the worst site reactions I have had to date including MVT. At this point I highly recommend that everyone avoid FAVT until there is proven studies to conclude otherwise.

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  1. I added that like to what a Fire Ant is for the Yankees in the group that may have no idea of what one is. They are a nasty little creature that seems to have am amazing ability to have a mound right under my feet when I am barefoot. I would be pleased as punch if these could be wiped into extinction or at least only live in a zoo!

  2. EEEK! I’ve seen these vile little buggers as I blast through the southern states. Well, actually, I’ve seen their mounds and I cannot imagine there is any case for me to get any closer. I guess its natures way of waging asymetrical war against us, eh? Did I ever tell you about the time I swallowed a hornet?

  3. No I haven’t heard that story. Definitely sounds like one I’d like to hear. 😉

  4. Hi! My name is Beverly ( and I just found your blog today. I was diagnosed with MS in April 1998 (symptoms since ~1995), so what you write here is all to familiar to me.

    I noticed that you’re having some doubts about the Rebif and that you’ve been trying some alternative therapies without much success, so I thought I’d share what works for me. For the first five years after my diagnosis I would have 3-6 fairly bad flare-ups per year, in addition to the various aches, pains, tingles, etc., that come with MS. At the beginning of May 2003 I started taking 2000mg of Omega-3 oil every day and a vitamin-B complex, and it’s done wonders for me. I have not had one single flare-up since I started taking these supplements and I feel a million times better. I do still have the sensory symptoms off and on, but not as severely or as often as before (plus, I can live with sensory symptoms as long as I can walk!).

    I don’t know if this will help you, but I just thought I’d pass it along. Good luck, and I’ll keep reading!

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