Aug 282004

It is known the Multiple Sclerosis tends to get massively better during pregnancy. I guess it has been suspected that it had to due with estrogen through there are so many changes to the body during pregnancy how they picked that element I may never know. Of course if estrogen helps during pregnancy it is still probably only one of many things that makes it better during that time. When I read the headline “Study sheds light on estrogen’s benefit for multiple sclerosis” I was skeptical but the research does show some promise. Not that I’m going to be running out and getting an estrogen patch any time soon – I have enough hot flashes from the rebif I certainly don’t want to make my body think it is post-menopausal. 😉 Plus it would be difficult to maintain any level of respectability in the male crowd if I’m on estrogen! 😉 I guess we’ll wait and see how this turns out.

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  1. My ever supportive family. 😉 Talking with my Mom this morning she offered to give me her left over Estrogen patches to help.

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