Aug 192004

I am exceptionally displeased with Biogen’s decision to withhold the 1yr. phase III results on Antegren until it is approved by the FDA. I am not at all buying there excuse that the expected 6 weeks until it has FDA approval would at all impact their 2yr. phase III trial. What it does is withhold information that I and my doctor need to make an informed decision as how to proceed with Antegren. This will only serve to delay any move I make and seems to indicate that they are less then loyal to the Multiple Sclerosis community. I have sent an e-mail to Biogen at and I urge everyone else to send one too urging them to reconsider their delay in disclosing the study information. I think I may have to agree with this article’s comment: “Call me a glass-half-empty guy (it won’t be the first time), but this latest development has me wondering whether there’s something amiss with Antegren.”

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  1. Ah the joys and evils of the return-receipt in e-mail. I’m a little surprised that they have their e-mail set to accept RR requests to what is probably a group e-mail account. Well Lauren DiCola ( read my message at 8:47 this morning at what appears to be their Cambridge office. The big question is will I get a response?!?!

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