Jul 152004

I guess it was pretty much a guarantee when you look at the four

grandchildren on my mother’s side. Each of us have something different

– but 3/4 have autoimmune connections:

  • Multiple-Sclerosis – me 😉 (Probably autoimmune disorder)
  • Lupus (possibly an autoimmune disorder)
  • Primary Raunaud’s Phenomenon

    At least this is the last I’d heard – maybe the diagnosis has changed

    (possibly an autoimmune disorder – appears that it may be linked to

    other autoimmune disorders)

  • Frequent headaches of

    unknown origin. Probably not autoimmune and probably family induced –

    though there is a family history of these – maybe they’ll get better

    now that she’s married and not seeing the rest of us so often. 😉

Once again I feel compelled to note that the only one of us without a

freaky disease (the headaches) was born somewhere other than Toledo Hospital. Certainly makes you think! 😉 Maybe through negligence they exposed us all to some strain of Hepatitis?!?! 😉

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  4 Responses to “Weird Problems with Maternal Grandchildren”

  1. Heh … My mom’s side is like that … Me, My Mom, My aunt, My great aunt and Possible case of grandmother all suffer from MS. Cluster? Govt coverup? Aliens?

  2. Conspiracy theorist?? I second the comment on the family-induced headaches, though – and I would know. 🙂 Being with Chris has definitely alleviated my headaches, however he now downs 3-4 Advil on a regular basis, where he didn’t do that before we got together. Go figure…

  3. I vote for a goverment coverup about aliens! 😉 Weird how it sometimes runs in families. I have more MS experience than I ever wanted – I can’t imagine having that much experience. 🙁

  4. It’s definately aliens. My great grandmother had MS. My father had MD (Charcot Marie Tooth disease) and my older brother has been diagnosed with the same type of MD. Of course, I have MS and both my paternal Aunts have Lupus.

    I like to say our family is neurologically defunct.

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