Jul 292004

I started the Solu-Medrol treatment again yesterday. Went just like all the others with just a slight taste in my mouth – which I expect to get worse as I progress through this treatment cycle. Bob the nurse frustrates me with how anal he can be. I told him I was on 1g of Biaxin for a sore throat that I suddenly came down with earlier in the week. My wife brought out the package to which he informed me I am taking 2x 500mg. To which I told him that I take them at the same time and that is 1g. He then used an analogy that if I deposited a check at the bank for $500 that is completely different than depositing a check for $1000. To which I replied that if I made two deposits of $500 at the same time that is the exact same thing as depositing $1000 at one time. Of course this got me a little wound up and then he took my blood pressure which was unusually high – which of course was probably exacerbated by the Sudafed I had just taken for my sore throat. I decided to knock out the Sudafed but then the sore throat was gone this morning so it wasn’t an issue. Now we’ll just hope Bob doesn’t tick me off again – which will only get easier as this treatment progresses.

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  1. So, you’re arguing with the nurses now? Not good. 🙂 Being relatively anal myself (a subjective observation), I actually happen to agree with you – this time. It’s a rare occurance.

  2. Erik, argue/disagree with someone??? Nooooooooooo!! 🙂

  3. Hmmm, so he is saying that if you chop two fingers off with one knife, it is completely different than chopping two fingers off with 2 knives. I see your side in the analysis that “Hey, I’m missing 2 fingers!”. His side is … well, dumb. Next time argue that if you took 2x500mg, they atomically may not be 500mg each because of quantum physics and the law of relativity does not perform if the speed of light is not a constant. Shocking!

  4. Try appealing to him by saying you took 1g before and now you’re taking 1000mg and it’s much better.
    Spouse of S….

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