Jul 032004

How about a lighter post! 😉 I now know some of my unlucky numbers and they are 7-13-19-22-39. Yesterday I decided to play the Texas Lottery Mega Millions for the first time and I did the quick pick because I figure the psuedo-random number generator is luckier than anything I could generate – I was wrong because we’re equally unlucky. I guess I should have said that those numbers are unlucky for me and the PRNG that they use. I have always avoided the lottery as a waste of money because statistically there is no way I’d ever win – coupled with not being very lucky with gambling – but the jackpot was pretty high and I was frustrated with being in TX so I figured what the heck. Well someone else has my dollar now – or will at sometime – so at least it wasn’t a total waste! 😉 I also decided to buy a ticket last night (in addition to the Mega Millions) for Lotto Texas so me and the 7-11 PRNG are going to have 5 more unlucky numbers in a few short hours.

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