Jul 072004

The other day after working on the mower it dumped out a huge amount of black smoke when I fired it up. While I realize that the smoke, etc. could cause problems other than neurological I still thought “hey that’s not so bad that I just sucked in a ton of this I already have neurological problems.” 😉 Most of the time I’m kinda freaky about anything poisonous that would have nurotoxic effects because I figure I have enough problems as it is I certainly don’t need more. (I’m actually laughing as I write this that I would waffle at all! 😉 Funny (in a bad way) how MS makes me think a lot more about nurotoxins – even though I continue to eat food that has enough preservatives that I won’t need to be enbalmed when I die. 😉

I’d been meaning to post about my waffling about nurotoxins and then I have a funny conversation with my mother-in-law. In fact I found the conversation so funny I had to post it – so much for respecting conversations with extended family members as private. As we are having epidemic problems with mosquitos she is telling my wife how we need to dump a ton of industrial strength poisons on the ground to fix this. #1 like us dropping anything down is going to make even a remote dent in the current mosquito population in our area. #2 She said that they have had good luck with it – by that I guess she meant that they killed 1 of the 3 mosquitos within a 100 mile radius of her house. (She lives in West TX so they don’t get much rain and a humid day is probably when it reaches 20% 😉 She replied to number 2 by saying that they have gotten a lot of rain and do have a lot of mosquitos. OK fine so she killed 5 of the now 1000 mosquitos in a 100 mile radius – I kill more than that off of my neck in 15min. She then made the contention that mosquito venom is a poison so she’s just making the choice which poison she’s getting. It took a while to finish that laughing (puts new meaning in ROFL) – which as I think about it the oxygen deprivation from laughing probably did some permanent damage now causing the dizziness! 😉 So I had to comment that a mesquite bite easily treated with Benadryl or calamine lotion is not the same thing as a nasty poison with nurotoxic effects and she doesn’t want to end up with some neurological problem like I have (I know using me and my MS contained a number of logical fallacies but I bet she didn’t notice that until she just read this sentence in the blog 😉 thinking that would end the conversation and win the argument but I was wrong. 😉 If you can’t count on a logical fallacy to end a conversation and win an argument what can you count on. She then went on the say that West Nile Fever is a danger (OK I figured if she let me slide on my logical fallacy then I’d let her since she basically used the same fallacy 😉 even though that example is much less extreme (so I should win the argument on that basis alone!) since it is an acute illness that unless you are elderly or immuno-compromised will not be deadly – just a really yucky disease! Furthermore, there is no evidence that any poisons reduce anyone’s risk of WNF – but DEET certainly makes the public feel good and is certainly good for the companies that make that stuff.

Disclaimer: When it comes to the yard (not so much our diet – probably have our approach backwards) we go the Natural Way – no artificial chemicals. This probably makes us tree hugging commies but what can you do. I also realize that there are some very natural very poisonous substances (probably worse than any man-made toxin) that are nurotoxins – I believe the poison dart frog is a good example of this – but I don’t put those natural chemicals on my yard. I guess we spend too much time listening to the Dirt Doctor on the weekends. On an additional funny note it was her mother that just arranged to get Howard Garret’s book The Natural Way, The Complete Handbook for her birthday- there has to be some irony there somewhere!

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