Jul 292004

I had really sharp, though brief, ear pain with the sore throat. In was like an awful stabbing – almost lighting both like – sensation. The pain was easily a 7/10 and was exacerbated by eating and drinking though thankfully easily controlled with Advil & Tylenol. If it wasn’t for the sore throat – and the ear ache disappearing at the same time as the sore throat – I would have thought this to be MS induced. (The Dr. indicated there was fluid on the ear most likely causing the pain.) I figured this relates to MS because it really underlines my continued frustration with what is MS and what isn’t. I’ve almost always sorted out in the end which are MS and which aren’t MS symptoms but not always and sometimes it takes a while.

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  1. Erik,

    I too have ear pain but mine is a 15/10. I have been to all sorts of doctors who state that it is neurological, but my neurologist refused to believe me. I have pulled up various sources on the internet about this and ms and it seems to be a pretty common occurrance. Another thing is my sense of taste. it is gone and once again, my neurologist doesn’t think it has anything to do with my MS. It’s really good to hear these things from others. I no longer feel crazy.

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