Jul 162004

Well my initial assessment from participating in an open label, high dose, combination mosquito venom and Rebif trial is not good. No noticeable improvement in multiple sclerosis symptoms. Significant inflammation was noticed at MVT injection sites – it has yet to be determined via MRI whether the MVT caused MS inflammation or had a negative effect on exiting MS inflammation in the brain and cervical spine. In addition to Rebif side effects the MVT therapy added injection site inflammation, bruising at the site and on hands (from repeated swatting of mosquitos), extreme itching at MVT injection site as well as bleeding and discharge (though possibly caused by the extreme itching and ensuing scratching). There was also a noticeable increase of swearing – unknown at this time if it was a direct or indirect side effect of the MVT therapy. While there seems to be no benefit from the MVT therapy and there is evidence of rare but severe complications (West Nile Fever, Heart Worm, and Malaria) the trial will continue through the end of the summer in a tapering dosing regimen. Expect to repeat trials again next summer after additional analysis though possibly with a different combination drug.

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  1. I guess my satire was missed on quite a few. There is no such thing as MVT – though I’m sure it is only a matter of time. I figure as well as most MS medicines work we’re back to the old adage laughter is the best medicine. 😉

  2. A couple funny posts on ASMS after I posted this some thing to them. WARNING some of the posts have adult (bad) language!

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