Jul 082004

Almost missed my shot on Monday because of the long weekend. The small changes to the schedule definitely have an impact on the routine. Fortunately my wife reminded me and it got done. Back in the groove again on Wednesday since that was effectively my Monday – first day back to work.

In a way I guess it was good I hadn’t thought about the injection until my wife reminded me because 90% (and maybe more) of the unpleasantness of the injection is the anticipation. Statistically the injection goes very well and pain free most of the time – unfortunately the brain remembers those times that it hurt exceptionally badly. I was actually talking to my wife on the ride in today about the bad part of the injection is anticipation not the pain. (Of course the bee venom therapy group probably thinks I’m a whining sissy!) The context of that conversation was the people who whine about getting IV’s (which I never find painful – and I’ve donated plasma with a 14 gauge needle!) and their blood drawn. Not that I’m saying any involvement with any type of needle is shangri la wrapped in happy funvillle but my experience has been that people are sissies when it comes to needles. I certainly don’t want to hear about how bad needles are when I get 156 injections a year from Rebif alone.

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