Jul 052004

Our grass is way overgrown from getting too much rain and not enough dry days to get it mowed. Anyways it is tall, thick, and still pretty wet which makes it hard to mow and thus was jamming the mower frequently yesterday for my wife. The first time she came in thinking she broke the mower (a very reasonable theory considering our history of breaking them!) but I suspected the grass was the problem and went and cleared the it out of the bottom which fixed the mower not starting. Of course I do not remove the spark plug wire, etc. when doing this because I figure it isn’t going to start even though I had to spin the blade a little. When I came in I told my wife what I did and how to fix it herself but to be careful because it is dangerous and of course use your left hand. Why the left hand you might ask??? I told her that if it is going to start the mower on accident and cut off her fingers or her hand you definitely don’t want it to be your right hand (we are both right handed) – besides she needs to be able to take care of me. I told her I made sure to use my left hand while I was out there for the same reason. I figure if you can’t use common sense and be safe at least mitigate the effects of the stupidity and try to only lose non-essential body parts. 😉 My wife than informed me that with my history of the MS in my hands that I was really taking a crap shoot since the MS could end up crippling my right hand (based on the first exacerbation) and then I’d have nothing. 😉 The connotation was that it would be better for her to lose the hand/finger and let her do it in the future. But if anyone gets a hand/finger lost better to be me since I have a good chance of losing a lot of functionality anyways! I guess we’ll see if we both make it through the long weekend with all of our hands and fingers.

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