Jul 262004

While I wouldn’t say it applies to all of these types of posts there are a disproportionate amount of SysAdmin posts that advertise that you need to be able to lift 50 pounds (or some figure like this). This is only advertised by small companies and never by large companies. It seems like an easy way to rule out people with disabilities and not have to deal with related costs/challenges of the ADA, insurance, etc. Having been a SysAdmin for 8 years there have been times where I have moved equipment (and sometimes quite heavy equipment) but moving equipment is not what my job is nor what they pay me for – I am an equally valuable employee if I never moved any heavy equipment. Furthermore, I could have easily explained to a trained monkey how to move this equipment – it definitely did not require a SysAdmin to move it. I now take pretty serious offense at these postings because it reveals something much deeper and sinister about these companies. On a side note my employer is very disability friendly (Sorry I cannot tell you who it is because of employee confidentiality rules) and even has a WAN Admin who is blind and from everything I’ve heard they are very accommodating.

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  1. What you are talking about is the distinction between essential functions of a job, and everything else. It’s amazing how many companies can’t manage to figure this out.


  2. Hey Erik,

    I just stumbled on your blog trying to do some research for a friend with MS. Anyway, great blog! I had cancer myself a few years back though I’m currently in remission, so I can relate to the serious illness issue, though obviously there are many differences. Anyway I had to comment on this post because I am also a SysAdmin and this has often irritated me as a job requirement also. I actually originally used to see it as a way to help them exclude women from the positions, since it is a lot of weight for some women to lift. I can lift 50 if I have to but I don’t like to as it has had adverse effect on my back. And I’m in total agreement with you that it is really totally unnecessary in the general course of doing my job. Once it a great while a server has to get racked or moved but you can always scare up a few strong people to do the lifting part if you have to. That piece is just totally unnecessary as part of a sysadmin’s job description.

    Anyway, I’m going to forward your blog to my friend. Take care and happy SysAdmining!

    – Laura Tilz

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