Jul 032004

For what it’s worth I’ve had enough with the MS! But not from the exacerbations – those haven’t been that bad in quite a while. And not from the Rebif – it really isn’t that bad as a preventative drug. It is from all the freaking side effects from the other medications that I take (like the Zoloft and Solu-Medrol) which are getting increasingly intolerable. I’ll spare you all the side effects horrors but those two medications are having a much more detrimental impact on my quality of life than anything else! At least the Solu-Medrol is a temporary problem and most of its nastiness should be gone shortly – and then repeated one more time next month. The Zoloft is a little bit more complex because it is something that isn’t going away in the near future as well as something I need at least some of because I was awful without it. It is now obvious that I am over medicated on the Zoloft so I’ve decided to take it back down to at least 50mg/day. I didn’t take an approved method for lowing the Zoloft in the body but I am feeling much better now. As if MS wasn’t complex enough to manage I have to manage all of these stupid side effects and try to figure out what is causing them and try to mitigate them as best I can.

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