Jul 122004

I’m beginning to realize that if it wasn’t the MS it would be genetics that destroyed my memory! I was in the mall on Saturday with my parents while they were picking up a T-Shirt like the one I’ve been wearing (It’s people like you that make people like me need medication). As we walked into the mall it was discussed the area of the department store we were in so on the way out there should be no problems – right – actually you’d be wrong! We came in through Foley’s but were wandering around JCPenny’s trying to find our exit but could not find the lingerie section. Finally I asked a clerk where the lingerie section was – he said the 2nd floor. It took me a minute because I knew we came in on the first floor before I realized – hey we’re in the wrong store. I’m sure the clerk got quite a laugh as I told my parents we’re not in the right place. As if that wasn’t bad enough we then take the long walk back to Foley’s and made it out to the car. This is where is goes from bad memory to cognitive disfunction – JCPenny’s and Foley’s are right next to each other – we could have just left out the exit by the clerk I asked and been very close to the car – much closer than walking around back to Foley’s. Bad memory and cognitive disfunction in all 3 of us – at least I have a good excuse! 😉

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  1. See!! I told you the memory wasn’t the MS, but genetics instead. You never listen… 🙂 Or did you say you did believe me? Hmmm…..I can’t really remember.

  2. Heh, I do that all the time. That’s why I dont go to malls anymore without my handler (Da Wife). Ever start to drive somewhere to pick up groceries only to find yourself half way to work… man, I hate that!

  3. These comments are too cute!!

    I have a guess as to who anonymous is… do I dare announce it??

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