Jul 132004

I guess blogging about my memory was sadly appropriate because I forgot that it was injection night. 🙁 That of course wouldn’t be the first time that I forgot but it was the first time that both my wife and I forgot on the same night. I guess if you’re going to forget anything a Rebif injection is definitely the way to go – beats forgetting it’s the weekend and getting ready for work! 😉 Besides its not as if I’m missing anything because tonight I get to make that injection up and just be off by a day this week.

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  1. Perhaps your lovely and merciful wife LET you forget, just to give you a break, eh? Mrs MDMHVONPA did that once in a while, she couldnt stand to watch me fret over the needle for hours as I tried to summon the courage to impale myself. A miss here or there is forgivable.

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