Jul 152004

I’ve decided I’m reverting back to my default answers of “fine” and “okay” when asked a general question about how I’m doing. General question = general answer. I figure if you really want to know more details you’ll be specific and ask a specific question – asking how is the MS going is not a specific question and you can assume not well in fact it is just gradients of not well. Plus you ask me that question you’ll probably get a frown as I answer “fine”. Some examples of good, specific questions:

  • How is symptom x going?

  • What do you think of symptom X?

  • What does symptom X feel like?

  • Is treatment X helping?

  • Any recent site reactions?

  • You can ask about my feelings but I am very likely not going to answer with anything useful

  • If you don’t know about the Blog then: have you had any recent exacerbations? -then continue with the above?

  • Why has your wife not killed you from your bad attitude while on steroids? (Acceptable question but if I’m still on steroids prepare to die because I was certainly ticked off before you asked that question/you didn’t make it better/you probably had it coming anyways if you’d ask that kind of question/and I could always plead temporary insanity! 😉

  • Where can I send the check so you can have a nice, long vacation in Fiji?

  • etc.

As I was sitting awake late one night I came up with two acronyms for okay and fine:

fine: Find on-lINE (referring to the Blog)

okay: blOg Kontains All Yuckiness (pretty lame but about the best I could do)

I should probably post examples of questions never to ask – but we’ll see. 😉

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  1. Yes! I would be interested in questions never to ask. I’m probably already asking all of those, and will likely continue even after/if a list is posted. However, it will be nice to know when I’m irritating you! 🙂

  2. It will be nice to know so you can continue doing it? 😉

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