Jul 082004

Good news bad news. Again I woke up without being dizzy but it didn’t take long to get bad. Hard to say since I did more walking this morning but I think it was the worst it has been to this point. I am definitely glad I had my wife pick me up from work yesterday instead of driving home – I’m sure I would have been fine but I know it wasn’t what I would want her to do nor was there any need to endanger the other drivers on the road. I also had her drive me in today which I think will work out really well. I guess some good news is that I had another theory from the beginning about why I was having the dizziness/vertigo but didn’t post it. The theory is that it is being caused by adjusting the Zoloft – I didn’t want it to be that because I didn’t want to have to go back on it. (Dumb I know – better the Zoloft than the MS!) I should also add that by adjustment I mean suddenly stopped taking it! 😉 I do feel really good now and am back to my normal stuff. I did finally run a search on Zoloft and that is a side-effect of suddenly stopping the medication – not that I would do it another way. I guess I should know in a couple of days if that was really the cause in the interim I’ll just be dizzy!

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