Jul 142004

At least with me there seems to be a link of a resurgence of symptoms when I become slightly dehydrated. Specifically it is my hands that get stiff. It is easily fixed by drinking a bunch of water and re-hydrating the system. It makes me wonder if the heat has a double negative impact on the body both from getting hot and having the symptoms come back as well as dehydrating the body which also causes the symptoms to come back. Makes it easy to tell when I need to drink more because my hands get stiff.

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  1. I have been dx’ed with ms 8 yrs today. A while ago I asked my dr if I might be dehydrated. He told me I can’t be dehydrated that long and still live. He told me I was depressed…

    Just recently I have been looking into the water cure, I am now trying the water cure. I am very hopeful that this will help relieve some of the ms symptoms.

  2. how are you doing with the ms and water cure regimen…..my husband was diagnosed back in 2008 and we would like to try this too. please inform.

  3. This is the first I have heard of Water Therapy. I am in a severe MS relapse that was caused by a TIA according to the hospital. I was severely dehydrated according to the hospital. They put two bags of fluids in me and still couldn’t get my levels up. They transported me home by ambulance and I am now on bedrest. I am going to try this method as I have tried everything else and have been drinking fluids non-stop to try to combat the dehydration and I know I am still in that state.

  4. I haven’t been dx. with MS yet, neuro said I didn’t have it because I was dehydrated, she suggested that I had diabetes instead, even though my labs do not support her idea. I was given fluids at the er, felt better, but by the next day I was back to needing to drink constantly in order for my brain not to feel tingly…so what is Water Therapy?

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