Jul 112004

After reading Katja’s post about comments on brokenclay.org I’ve decided to enable comments. Due to the nature of the disease I have also allowed anonymous comments – makes me wish Blogger would allow comments via e-mail so people could use something really anonymous like the Mixmaster system (if this is what you prefer e-mail it to me indicating you want it as a comment and I’ll post it anonymously) but there are other ways to remain anonymous (Peekabooty and 6/4 though it is not fully functional or available and the ever popular “borrow someone’s unprotected wifi”!)- maybe in the next version.

Katja: Let me assure you I do not have a self-esteem problem – probably quite the contrary being raised on the elitist philosophy of Ayn Rand and Ojectivism (she pretty much summed it up in the title of one of her books: The Virture of Selfishness – granted I only read her intro to that book but I think I’ve read every one of her other books and seen her play). (A debate on Objectivism for anyone interested would best be done in another forum – email me – not on the MS blog) Hubris – I would hope not but possible – certainly (with tears) something I am guilty off far too often. As far as no one coming to the site I know better than that – though I have no way of easily tracking the XML traffic – and I know that accounts for some. I really didn’t think there would be demand for comments in the beginning but I was wrong. I can definitely see where other MS’ers, etc would want to comment on the posts and would add significant value to the site with their experience and input.

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  1. Woo-HOOO! Comments ahoy! Yet another Libertarian? Or a Social Republican in sheeps clothing?

  2. I took the test on your site so I guess I am a libertarian. Heck knowing about GPG, Mixmaster, Peekabooty, and 6/4 probably definitely makes me a libertarian – that or pretty paranoid. 😉

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