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I came across Katja’s journal on brokenclay.org quite some time ago. Ranks as a very cool site – heck the name alone is really awesome and how I feel every day long predating the MS! 😉 (Quick Digress: reminds me of a story someone told me about himself during a class. He was crying on the steps behind a drug rehab center because his life was basically in shambles. I forgot exactly what he said now but it was comparing Christ to a mother of a child that has just accidentally broken their new art project – the mom picks up the pieces and tells the child to come along we’ll go home and make something just as beautiful with what is left. The story had an impact on me then and does 4yrs later even after forgetting some of the exacts of the story.) I must say her site is beautiful – then I read her resume (and what a resume – certainly makes me feel like an uneducated idiot. Hold it I am uneducated, at least traditionally, I reassure myself school was just too boring for someone of my superior intellect and I could get everything I needed from books and the Internet and life experience – but I have trouble buying that even on a good day. 😉 and even more surprised since most computer people have about the artistic ability of me – none! 😉 I had come across her site long before she had come across mine – but I have yet to drop her a note – shame on me. 🙁 (Katja: you’ll have to ask him what MDMHVONPA stands for because you’ll probably never guess – I tried to figure it out but was way off! Free hint “HV” is not the city he lives in but anything else you’ll have to get from him! 😉

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  1. Erik – thank you so much for this kind and gracious review! Since I shamed you into turning on comments (probably should make this a comment to the next post), the least I could do is be part of the first 10. I know many people appreciate your openness and bravery (not in the glurgy “oh, you’re so brave for just opening your eyes in the morning” sense, but in the “warts and all” sense) in documenting your life with MS in public.


  2. Katja, thanks for the sweet comments to my husband! He really is an awesome guy, if I say so myself!! I am so amazed that he decided to do the blog to begin with, because “journaling” is not the sort of thing he would have done before the MS. I am amazed at the way this adversity has made him a stronger and better person. I guess the truly the defining moments of character are how you handle the hard stuff in life.

    BTW, I LOVE your site! They name is the best too!

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