Jul 072004

I have been really dizzy yesterday evening and today. Though it seems to get worse as the day goes on as opposed to the tremors which are worse in the morning. I really don’t want to think I have another symptom/exacerbation but I really don’t have anything else to blame. Last night I thought maybe because I was very sleep deprived or dehydrated but I fixed both of those. Then today it got bad as I got hungry for lunch but never really went away. It tends to be much better when sitting but can be quite bad while walking – though when it is bad sitting I don’t get up and walk. So far it has not impacted my ability to walk/not run into things but not so optimistic this is going to last – especially since it is worse today than it was yesterday. It also varies in intensity – it may be real bad for thirty minutes and then be basically gone for a while – this is all while sitting since that is what I do 95% of my day. Not pleased after 2 months of solu-medrol.

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