Jul 032004

I want to say a very special thank you both to those who have come before and those who now serve who gained our freedom and now serve to protect it. While I certainly do take these freedoms for granted because I know no other way I am very thankful for them. For me it is being able to take these freedoms for granted that has been one of your biggest gifts to us. It also means that I get dwell in the minutia of life in my high-minded idealism not always rooted in reality. I get to blog about my MS. I can listen to obnoxious news, radio stations, and TV not because it has been ruled acceptable by the state or is something I agree with but because you have guaranteed that freedom. Basically we have the freedom to disagree without fear of state infringement. I get to take it easy today (and on Monday) with no cost but with unbelievable benefit because of what has been done for us by you. Thank You!

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