Jun 032004

I travel pretty frequently by plane since my parents live out of state. I thought it was going to be a big deal going through security the first time so I called the FAA, American (who I was flying with at the time), and MS Life Lines (Rebif). They said to make sure to have my prescription label and a note from my dr. just to make sure. The first time I tried to walk it through without it going through the X-Ray machine (I feared it damaging the Rebif) but they were adamant that it was going through the X-Ray machine so I did it – what choice did I have. I called MS Life Lines/Serano later to make sure that was OK and they said yes that they have done testing and that it didn’t impact the injection which made me happy that I didn’t damage them in any way. I have traveled many times after that and have just fed it though the carry-on X-ray machine and they never ask for anything (though I always carry the note and prescription label just in case.) I figure they are used to having people travel with injections since it isn’t all that uncommon. Certainly glad it isn’t a pain.

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