Jun 072004

I have always had a bad habit of sleep depriving myself but I am definitely noticing it take a toll of my health now. My problem is that I get caught up in some activity and fail to go to bed at a reasonable hour and then have to turn around a get up for work during the week. It is usually much better during the weekends because I can sleep in and “catch up.” I probably average 6.5-7 hours of sleep a night during the week but I need 8-9 hours to feel in good shape. I got into this habit as a youth when it didn’t have such bad effects (at least none I noticed) but now it definitely effects my MS. A severe lack of sleep probably brought on (or at least didn’t help anything) an exacerbation and now in one I am definitely not helping myself get better. You’d think I’d learn. 🙁 Maybe getting more sleep with make a good new years resolution. 🙂

On a side note my wife does do a great job of trying to help me get some sleep – especially post diagnosis of MS – but I don’t always take her help (but should). Today she let me sleep in (which I desperately needed – but so did she) which was really nice.

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