Jun 232004

Today was the followup appointment with the neurologist. Here is what was discussed/decided:

  • Does not know if Rebif is effective with me. Sees about the same lesion load as before the treatment began. Statistically should see a reduction in lesion load within 6-8 months of being on Rebif.

  • Will proceed with 2 more treatments of 3g of Solu-Medrol. Afterwards I will get another MRI and then followup with him again for an assessment of whether I am better and if not how to best proceed.

  • He mentioned that I would be an excellent candidate for Antegren which he said is on the very near horizon. I knew both that I was a good candidate and that Antegren may even be out by the end of the year. Glad he is staying on the cutting edge – though I’m sure the Biogen rep gives him plenty of info.

  • I asked if I had a more aggressive MS than average. He said we would have to wait and see. I was expecting a yes so I guess we’ll have to wait for what probably is a yes. 🙁

  • We discussed going to the MS Clinic and he said he thought it would be a good idea unless my MS makes a sudden change for the better. He said we should begin the process so that I can get in as soon as possible since in will probably take 6-8 months. He is referring me to Dr. Hawker which was fine with me and who he had mentioned earlier – he said Dr. Frohman is full so no new patients. He said after going there it will probably be 1 of 3 options:

    • They agree with the treatment methodology and what I am taking so will send me back to Dr. Hopson.

    • They will make some modifications to the treatment methadology but it is something Dr. Hopson can oversee so will send me back to him with these changes.

    • They will make changes in my treatment and keep me as a patient.

    • I guess there is the fourth option of them not making changes but keeping me as a patient but from what he indicated that would be pretty unlikely. I am OK with all of these choices.

  • He gave me Nexium for my next Solu-Medrol treatment so hopefully that helps keep it under control.

  • I asked about neutralizing-antibodies and he said that they are usually not present after only 1 year of treatment but he will check in a couple of months when I come back in.
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