Jun 232004

Both on Sunday night and on Monday night I had an awful time sleeping. I laid in bed with the lights off for over an hour both night before I could go to sleep. Then I tossed and turned quite a bit during the night and was frequently awake for more than five minutes. I have no idea what brought this on again but I am left with the only explanation being the MS. Especially for Monday night because I was exhausted but then when I laid down and turned the light off suddenly I started waking up – very unusual for me normally doing that I’ll be asleep in five minutes. I gave up on Tuesday night because I laid down exhausted and then started waking up again. Since it was right at midnight and I had an early morning to get to the doctor I decided to take one of the left over Ambien. I slept really well which was nice but 6 hours didn’t quite cut it. Hopefully I’ll sleep OK tonight without the Ambien – if I still have problems though I’ll probably pick up some Benadryl to help and skip the Ambien – although I’ll be on it soon enough. 🙁

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