Jun 292004

I was thinking about this last night as I was drifting off to sleep. When I got my first Solu-Medrol treatment I got it in .25g doses every 6 hours in the hospital to make sure I tolerated it OK – which I did. I remember the first night after having only .5g of Solu-Medrol I was so wired I could not sleep so I asked for some Ambien (5mg I think) and I was out in 10 minutes. Now I am too the point that after 1g a couple of hours before bed I am yawning and probably could go to sleep on my own with only slight difficulty. I guess that is good because I still do take the Ambien (so I can ensure I sleep OK otherwise I do notice a significant toll on my health) but the 10mg that I take now, while still works great and pretty fast is not nearly as potent as it used to be. Well off to bed for me I’m exhausted and it is way past my bed time – stayed up too late reading the blog below – I hope he feels guilty about being so interesting when I’m this tired. 😉

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